Happy March everyone! The warm sun is hitting my face today and I am feeling rather thankful I made it through another moderate Vancouver winter.  It's also my birthday month so if you see me out there be nice!

Much has been happening this year so far. I'm working on my fourth project of 2021, a tv movie based on a true story. Principal shooting finishes up on the 14th of the month. When this is done I have a little Christmas movie I will jump into making my birthday all that much more merry.


I have a few appearances coming up. I'll keep you posted. As far as cameos go, the latest thing out that you can catch me in is the most recent adaption of Stephen King's 'The Stand'. It will be streaming on Amazon Prime.

We're still in this pandemic thing. Sigh.... People are getting their shots and we're slowly coming out. Hopefully we can all dial back the fear and anxiety this thing has dumped on us over the past year. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost someone recently. I myself lost my father this past December due to cancer. May he rest in paradise. Life is short folks; make it as fantastic as possible. Here's a tip; it's easier if you have people to help you do this.

Be good people. Treat each other with respect. I'll update soon.