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Hello and Happy 2024!! I hope you all are keeping your dreams alive and living everyday like its your last. Okay, I know that's probably not happening but I want to spread positivity this year. So try and find some joy everyday will ya?

So, the film strikes are over and work is slowly trickling in Up here in Hollywood North. I was able to get on a couple of projects late in 2023 to finish the year out on a good note. I will of coarse post air dates here and on my socials.

The biggest thing I'd like to share is that a movie I was in called 'Winner' will be premiering at Cannes Film Festival this year. So if your in the area....

I'm feeling this is the year we reap what we've sown so everyone get ready. Get your thinking straight and say thank you when that good fortune comes flying in. That's all I have for ya. Stay positive!

Peace, Reese.

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