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Hey, there!! Hope you're all having a good day. We are well into spring here in Vancouver, BC. That doesn't necessarily mean its warm. We're still dealing with some pretty chilly mornings. Makes me want to put a clause in all my acting contracts that states, interior shots only until it gets above 10 degrees celsius....I'm not quite there yet!

Any way, there is stuff happening! If you are watching 'The Power' on Prime, you will see me. I pop in and out throughout the season. I'm hangin' with the Cleary-Lopez family. I'm crossing my fingers we do that again. From what I've seen so far, I love it. If you are watching Bob Odenkirk's 'Lucky Hank' you will see me in Episode #3. What a great show! So happy to get in on one of these episodes. I love working in this genre. I got to work with Mirielle Enos who is fantastic and was directed by the great Peter Farrelly  It was a super positive experience. This Saturday , 'Pride: Seven Deadly Sins' premiers on The Lifetime Channel. This is the fifth edition of these movies. It's gonna be a sizzler!

That's  what's up for now. I may have another feature coming out in the near future. I will keep you posted. In the mean time get outside and enjoy spring. There is a looming strike happening with the writers so who knows. I might be getting a lot of time off to enjoy the weather!  Maybe I'll see you out there!

Peace, Reese

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