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Reese Alexander

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes Brown
Degree: BA Econimics
Location: Vancouver BC.


Please refer to IMDB on mobile devices for most recent acting credits Click Here


Life On TheLine                                   

The Interview                                       

Some Assembly Required      

DeadRising : Watch Tower

Strange Empire

Mom's Blind Date

Fifty Shades of Grey


Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever


The Haunting Hour


The Hundred

Run For Your Life

Recipe For Love

The Tomorrow People

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland


Badge Of Honor

See No Evil 2


Dead Letters

Christmas Bounty 

Soul Custody


No Clue 


Joey Dakota (Pilot)

Fringe (Endgame: Part 1)


Assault On Wall Street

Marine: Homefront 

Soldiers Of The Apocalypse

Grave Encounters 2

Fairly Legal



The Note 3: The Heart Healer

Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dog Days

Supernatural (Ep. 615)

In The Name Of the King 

Health Nutz

Life Unexpected

Facing Kate

And Baby Will Fall

V (Welcome to the War) 

The Search For Santa Paws

Tooth Fairy 

Psych III

The Jim

What Color Is Love

Desperate Hours 

Scooby Doo Prequel  


The Day The Earth Stood Still 

Higher Form Of Learning

Bionic Woman

The Assistants

Smallville (Traveler)

The L Word

Far Cry 

Stargate SG1

Stargate Atlantis


PainKiller Jane

Blood Ties


Noah's Arc


Blood Brothers Rain Of Terror

DaVinci's City Hall

Masters Of Horror

Without Light

Romeo II

Conf. Of Sociopathic Social Climber 

Supporting / Russel

Principal / Agent Botwin

Principal / Sergeant

Principal / Shearson

Principal / Joseph

Actor / Committee Member

Actor / Elevator Businessman

Actor / Security Guard

Actor / Reporter

Principal / Coach Jenkins

Guest Star / Andre

Recurring Principal / Dugan

Recurring Actor / Guard

Actor / Joe

Principal / Host #1

Actor / Henry Finch

Actor / Guard

Stunt Actor / Lieutenant

Stunt Actor / Husband

Actor / EMT #1

Actor / Military Official

Actor / Reporter #1

Stunt Actor / Bodyguard

Actor / Fireman

Principal / Reporter #1

Actor / Officer

Principal / ERT Officer

Recurring / Coleman

Principal / Neal

Principal / Gerry Smith

Principal / Broker

Stunt Actor / Swat Leader

Lead / Jonas Eightball

Actor / Officer #1

Actor / Security

Principal / Physical Therapist

Actor / Auditioner #4

Principal / Steve

Actor / Policeman

Actor / Gun Store Clerk

Actor / Soldier #3

Actor / Business Man

Actor / Jail Guard

Actor Parent #3

Principal / Fournier

Actor / V Security Guard

Actor / Doctor

Principal / Prison Guard

Principal / Patterson

Series Regular / Adrian Ba

Actor / Jamal 

Principal Trooper #1

Stunt Double / Bus Driver

Principal / Beer Delivery

Actor / Sergeant

Actor / Bomb Squad Officer

Actor / Berkut Assault Member

Actor / Truck Driver

Principal / Guard

Actor / Security Guard

Principal / Private Jackson

Actor / Jaffa Pilot

Actor / Major Jordan

Principal / Guard

Stunt Actor / Sergeant Hopkins

Actor / Cop

Stunt Actor / Police Officer

Stunt Actor/Self Defense Intructor

Actor / Homeland Security Agent

Principal / Male Officer

Actor / Sheriff

Actor / Trooper III

Supporting / Hunter Boh

Principal / DJ Yoink

Actor / Stylist 

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Zak Lipovsky / Legendary Pictures

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Sam Taylor-Johnson / Universal Pic

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Tim Hill / Lifetime

Kenny Ortega / Disney Channel

Allan Harmon / The Hub Network

Various / The Hub

Various / CW Network

Michael Scott / Lifetiime

Ron Oliver / Hallmark

Michael Schultz / CW Network

Billy Gierhart / ABC

Eagle Egilsson / CW Network

Agustin / Front Street Pictures

Jen & Sylvia Soska /  Lionsgate Films

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Steve Surjick / CBC

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M.Seagle / Second Impact Ent.

Chip Hurd / Nickelodeon

Dana Lustig / Oxygen Network








Class 1 Driver

Speed Swimming


Scuba Diving


Training & Workshops

Acting Class

Audition Class

Studio On The Drive

Acting Classes

The Foundry

The Art Of Preparation

Acting Classes

Vancouver Theatre Sports League

Studio on the Drive

The Actors Drop In

The Mastery Of Acting

Scene Study

Audition Classes

Scene Study

Scene Study

Scene Study

Scene Study

Scene Study

Improvisation Workshops

Improvisation Classes

Cold Reading Drop-in


Andrew McIlroy

Anastasia Bandey

Aaron Craven

Shea Hampton

Matthew Harrison, Ted Whittal

Kelly Ruth Mercier

June B. Wilde


Veena Sood

Henry Mah, Josh Clark

Larry Gilman, Linda Darlow, Rob Bruner

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